Minecraft anarchy servers

While I had a lot of fun with prison mode for the last month, it sort of grew a bit stale in my opinion. Working to free yourself is good and all, but sooner or later you’re gonna want to be free and use that freedom to blow off some steam. Enter stage right : Minecraft Anarchy servers. These are some of the most free Minecraft servers out there and I’m sure that if you can look past the initial problems of being griefed and losing your hard work, you too can have more than your fair share of fun on these.

Minecraft anarchy servers pretty much emphasize as little rules and admin intervention as possible, the only reason for them to intervene at all is when you find a cheater or a hacker making your life difficult. While this may seem like a ploy by the lazy mods to not have to work on a server, it actually makes for a fun way to see how rules are made on the fly by players themselves. There are obviously plenty of Minecraft Anarchy servers out there and each is a bit different, but that’s the thing that they all share.

A few tips I’d offer anyone is to keep your valuables on your person at all times until there’s too many to do so, then make a few caches all over the map to store them, so that even if a few of them are found out, you don’t lose everything. obviously if there are groups of players playing together I’d advise you to join one of them, since anarchy can be a lot harder even without having to play one vs many. You probably aren’t going to be hurting too bad if you find a few friends to protect your stuff while you’re offline. It can be well worth your while even if you have to pay a bit of your stuff to stay in the group. There are plenty more reasons to play Minecraft Anarchy, if you’d like to start now I can recommend this Minecraft server list, to find a server that is just right for you 🙂