Minecraft cheats


Minecraft cheats

Codes and tips for Minecraft

Minecraft or less, no codes, but there will be tricks that will help in the game. There are only a “command” to the game Maincraft and codes do not exist. There is also a program to create item.

Cheat for doubling objects in Minecraft

This method allows cloning of any item contained in the inventory of the main character. Select the item you want to clone and put it in a box. Save your game and return to the main menu. Resume the game and take the object out of the box, who had placed in him. Close now the game crash with the key combination [Alt] + [F4]. Restart the game and load the last save. Previously selected item should now be in two copies – one copy will be in your inventory, and the second is still in the box.

Step by step:

1 Select the item you want / you to clone,
2 Place it in a box,
3 Save the game and go to the main menu of the game,
4 Return to the game and take the item that you left earlier in the box,
5 Close the game crash (ie, using a combination of two keys: [Alt] + [F4]
6 Start the game again and load the last saved save,
7 Selected object before you will be in two copies (the first in your inventory, the second in a box).

Minecraft hidden options – tips

In the game, several options have been hidden under the specified keys. Here they are:
F3 displays the current number of frames of animation
F5 rainfall (only in mode Creative Mode)
F5 view of a third person perspective (only in mode Survival Mode)
F6-date information about Lagache

If you have any codes, hints, tips for playing Minecraft – write.