I just defended my castle from a raid in Minecraft 1.14


I just defended my castle from a raid in Minecraft 1.14

I was showing my friend around the server and we noticed a group of pillagers. Thinking nothing of it we killed them all. That's when I remembered that angering them summons a raid on the first village we come to (bad omen effect).

And so when we got to my castle the raid began. Horns were sounded, bells were rung. Chaos. Wave after wave spawned first outside the castle walls, then inside, each time closer to our worried villagers.

But we prevailed, the raid was defeated. That's when we saw the sky fill with fireworks and gifts come from every villager.

This was the most awesome thing that happened in the game in a long time, I must say 1.14 is my favorite update of the last few years, which is surprising because I loved 1.13 when it came out. But now not only do cities and villages feel more alive than ever thanks to the new villager mechanics, defending them is a real event that is not just fun, but brings interesting benefits, like discounts and gifts, when completed successfully.

The timing of the raid was amazing too, I just finished building the outer wall last week! Just in time to repel this attack!