Five best Minecraft prison servers


Five best Minecraft prison servers

After playing over hundreds of hours I've decided to put together five of my favorite Minecraft prison servers. Minecraft prison servers present a new style of Minecraft experience. While most game modes are set in a vast open world letting you explore the rich and vibrant world, Prison servers flip this on it's head, forcing you to collect enough in game currency to slowly advance through different levels ending in finally earning your freedom. I've compiled this list by going on over to this Minecraft server list. So without further ado, these are my favorite Minecraft prison servers in no particular order :

- MineVille

MineVille is one of my favorite prison servers as there's a quite a tightknit community going around it, with plenty of people willing to play and even just talk to you. While they also focus on Survival and Skyblock, I've mostly been enjoying their Prison mode, which they keep regularly updated to keep it fresh and fun. The server also has many custom features such as player levels, jobs, races and custom made enchantments.

2. Purple Prison

This Minecraft server is pretty much built around it's prison mode. It caters to a huge community of fans of the mode and there's even claims of it being the best Minecraft prison server of them all. While that may or may not be true, I do enjoy this server quite a lot, with its community being extremely large and friendly. Obviously they do also update their server with plenty of new content such as randomly generated loot, balancing to their in game economy and challenges that keep the game exciting.


ExtremeCraft just seems to pop up on every top Minecraft server list. They just run a tight ship over there, with plenty of game modes to choose from not just prison, however their prison mode is quite fun and I've had quite a bit of fun pvping in it with quite a few rivals that always seem to pop up whenever I find diamonds. Their server is updated regularly making sure that it doesn't get stale and there's no sign of hackers or cheaters that sometimes pop up on other servers. Just an all around well run server.


This is more of a grassroots type of Minecraft server, that's still quite fun however. There's a lot of different game modes as is with most server but it's one of the few prison servers that I've actually won at. Like actually went through all the levels and got free. This should tell you enough to make you want to try it out. They might not be as professional or as well maintained but it's still fun to play on their server.

5. MineSuperior

MineSuperior is one of those Minecraft servers you don't hear a lot about, until you get serious about the game. When you talk to people about servers that they keep coming back to though, it's one of the most mentioned. They have a decent size community and their Prison gameplay is regularly updated, making sure they keep the game feeling new with features other servers haven't quite caught on yet. They also host weekly events that are sure to be fun and engaging.

These are my top five favorite Minecraft prison servers. While there's plenty more I could mention, these really impressed me the most this year. If however none of these strike your fancy, although I'm not sure how that could happen, you can head on over to minecraft prison servers where there's a huge selection of prison servers, just waiting to be discovered.