Minecraft parkour

I know what you’re thinking, what could a computer game about mining possibly have in common with a training discipline about moving from point A to point B as fast as possible. It turns out however, that there’s quite a bit of overlap as it happens. Minecraft parkour servers are quite popular and with good reason. With plenty of servers hosting their own realms and even offering tutoring on creating courses, you can see that the game mode has plenty of support. Some servers even host their own weakly tournaments with players competing for real money prizes.

Parkour in Minecraft is, despite the name, quite different from real world parkour since you cant really change the way you move in Minecraft, however there are still plenty of ways to work out the kinks in movement and squeeze out every thing you can from the Minecraft engine. There are also amazing courses that challenge everything from your reflexes and hand-eye coordination all the way to your game knowledge and dodging the enemies.

With real money on the line there are also obviously going to be people who are willing to dedicate a good amount of their every day to mastering the game mode and becoming one of the greats in it. However this is easier said than done as some of the higher difficulty courses are pretty brutal and every mistake is punished with basically a loss when competing with another master. So there are players that spend weeks and even months mastering a course until they are truly the best on it. With the prizes there also come the bragging rights, as is in every competitive community.