What are minecraft prison servers ?

Minecraft prison servers are some of the most popular game servers in mincraft these days. They combine the simplicity and elegance of minecraft gameplay with the satisfaction of grinding out and letting you boast of your achievements of mmorpgs. Prison servers are generally contained to a prison realm which is basically exactly what it sounds like. You then use your kit, which contains everything you need to start making money so you can rank up and eventually escape the prison, letting you roam the realm freely.

The Minecraft prison server generally challenges you to use your knowledge as well as you perseverance gain freedom and more importantly compete with other players to see who gets to freedom first. There are, as i said, many servers with this game mode as it’s quite popular these days. If you want to start seeing and experiencing it for yourself you can head on over to this minecraft servers list and find a server that suits you or just straight into minecraft prisons servers. This is minecraft prison servers in short, I may do a longer guide on how to successfully escape later. Till then, i hope this peaked your interest.